Vegan Smythe

We're very lucky to have this talented man as our MC and entertainer for the day!

Vegan Smythe writes and performs Earthling-friendly music and comedy to energise the vegan message. His YouTube videos have had over 220,000 views and he's been described by online fans as “hilarious..  brilliant..  quirky.. and 'a crucial soundtrack to life on Earth!’”

His music has been featured on blogs, podcasts and radio programs worldwide.
Although quite new to the microscopic world of animal advocacy entertainment,
Smythe has been a full-time professional entertainer since 1998.
Vegan Smythe's “Preachy Vegan Song” was shortlisted  in the Australian Songwriting Contest 2012 and his anthemic “I Will Be Their Voice” has brought praise from high profile animal activists including World Peace Diet author Dr Will Tuttle who described it as "the anthem for the animal rights movement".  Smythe was interviewed as part of VegWorld Magazine’s 2013 Vegan Palooza, on which his music was highly featured.  He is one of thirty-eight men featured in the Amazon hot-selling book “Plant Powered Men” and he was awarded “Vegan Entertainer of the Year” by www.vegansarecool.com.

Smythe explains his signature teardrop tattoo as follows: “I wear the tattoo because I'm sad about the hundreds, if not thousands, of non-human Earthlings I impacted
before I went vegan. I'll explain more about this on the day.”


Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray

Running Raw Australia

Throughout the year 2013, to inspire and motivate conscious lifestyle choices, to promote kindness and compassion for all living beings and to raise environmental awareness for a sustainable future, veteran raw vegan runners Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray ran together around Australia, 15,782km, 366 marathons each in 366 days, an average of 43 km per day. 

On January 1, 2014, they acquired world acclaim by setting a new World Record as the only couple over the age of 60 fueled entirely on raw fruit and veg, wearing barefoot shoes, to run 366 consecutive marathons while Running Raw Around Australia. Janette and Alan have been actively following a raw vegan lifestyle for over 11 years. 

As veteran ultra endurance runners, they have proved beyond any doubt that living a raw, vegan conscious lifestyle results in optimal health where physically, mentally and emotionally, anything is achievable. Janette and Alan are inspirational and motivational speakers who live in Australia. Janette is the author of the highly acclaimed book "Raw Can Cure Cancer' and her second book, 'Running Out of Time', based on their Run around Australia will be released along with the documentary in August 2014. 


Dr Sean Kirsten
From Fat to Vegan in 12 Weeks

Dr Sean Kirsten is one of Sydney’s top nutritional experts. He used to be an obese mining logistics manager with cholesterol of 10, and visited Royal North Shore Hospital more often than he visited his mother. Doctors said he was a walking heart attack waiting to happen and, of course, in 1998… it did.

Sean’s amazing journey began when he was selected to appear on Channel Nine’s weight loss reality program, Overhaul and has been featured on television, in magazines and newspapers and he is also a weekly guest expert on Sydney’s radio 2UE.

Sean can truly say he’s “been there” and know what it’s like to get puffed out in an elevator, let alone walking up stairs, Sean has presented to major corporations such as Gadens Lawyers, Edwards Pharmaceutical, The world HR Congress and he has supported many clients to transform their health and their lives.

In this talk Sean will revel how he lost a massive 50kg with a plant based diet and talk about the the amazing plant strong pioneers who he nows has the privilege to work with. One of those giants is Dr Neal Barnard who Sean now works alongside with.


Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson is Executive Director of Animal Liberation in Australia. He is employed full time via funds from the Christina Fitzsimons Trust. Before this he had been Team Leader of the Newcastle Community Mental Health Service in Newcastle and worked as a Clinical Acute Adult Psychiatric Nurse Specialist. In his current position the main focus is on farm animals – particularly factory farming for the past 18 years and recently kangaroos. Two recent successes have been in relation to sheep and kangaroos. The phase out of the most invasive mutilation of any animal without analgesia – ‘mulesing’ in sheep and convincing the Russian Federation to ban imports of kangaroo meat by exposing inherent cruelty and hygiene problems. He enjoys opera – even trying to sing some- and stopping live export death ships from entering Australian ports.


Dr Marilyn Golden

Dr Marilyn Golden was born in Rhodesia and educated in South Africa at the University of Cape Town where she graduated in Medicine.

She worked in various hospitals and Medical disciplines for 7 years before beginning her journey of study in Integrative Medicine. Her Healing journey was  initiated by her frustration with the limitations of the medical system in diagnosing and treating the terrible illness suffered by her late father at a very young age and by her own struggle with auto - immune diseases and chronic fatigue.

For over 30 years, she has worked at integrating Medicine and the various healing disciplines into a system which could treat patients effectively and individually.

Optimum Cellular Nutrition is the foundation of her healing system and she has investigated and successfully personally applied the principles of the Raw Food Vegan diet over the past 11 years. Her aim is to teach her patients how to take charge of their own healing process by including fresh, whole, raw, vegan foods in their daily diets.
The results she has seen in her practice have been so rewarding and she is finding that patients teach their friends and families her principles and recipes so that the benefits of eating a plant based diet are reaching many more than each patient.


Professor Stuart White

Food Diet and the Future: thinking globally; eating sustainably

Professor Stuart White is the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney. For over 25 years he has researched, written and spoken on sustainability issues. He won the 2012 Eureka Prize for Environmental Research for his work with Dana Cordell on phosphorus sustainability and use.


James Porteous

My Journey to becoming a Vegan Ironman

As a nutritionist in training my goal is to get every vegan in Sydney active and healthy. The best way to promote a Cruelty free lifestyle is to lead by example and show people how much energy you can have. A little bit about me:

Clare Mann

You Are What You Eat

Clare Mann is a psychologist, best selling author, co-founder of the Animal Effect Smartphone Platform and a passionate animal advocate. Her 'Skills for Conversations that Matter' workshops help vegans and animal advocates communicate vegan issues more



Kym Staton

Kym is a passionate vegan, event organiser, animal advocate and social change maker.
He is the founder of Sydney Vegan Club which has over 2,000 members and co-author of the SVC 30 Day Go Vegan Challenge. He facilitates monthly support meetings for new vegans and those interested in going vegan. He also curates the program for Films For Change, Sydneys’ largest documentary film society, which supports the work of film makers from around the world and raises awareness of the issue of today. Through these organisations he teaches compassion, understanding and empathy. Kym also has a deep passion for music, and performs regularly around Sydney as a solo guitar/vocalist. ​



Jacquicello has had an exciting and varied international career as a professional cellist.  She has played with the Adelaide and Sydney Symphony orchestras among others, and is a member of five-times MO Award Winning music and comedy act String Fever.  Jacquicello has been vegan for just over two years and loving it.


Torin King

Torin King is a modern day minstrel. With his Celtic Harp slung across his back he travels far and wide, enchanting audiences everywhere with his magickal music and stories.
A servent of the Old Gods, Torin has devoted his life to the study and promotion of the traditional music and culture of Northern Europe. He blends ancient traditions with modern influences and is particularily known for his sensitive and inovative interpretations of Celtic and Nordic Faery tunes.
The Lake Macquarie Post has called him a “King of the Celtic Harp”, while the Newcastle Herald said he has “breathed new life into an ancient instrument”.
Torin has released 3 CDs of harp music and has lectured widely on Celtic and Nordic spirituality. He has also appeared on radio and television and his music has been featured in documentaries and films.

Torin performs live regularily, both solo and with guest musicians. His music is suitable for a wide range of festivals – from Folk and World Music events through to Celtic, Medieval and New Age festivals.
He has appeared at many events over the years including the Mind Body Spirit Festival, the Australian Celtic festival, the Abbey Medieval Tournament and St Albans Folk Festival.
Torin currently has two themed presentations in production - “Music from the Celtic Otherworld: An Exploration of Traditional Celtic Faery music and “Carolan Remembered: The Life and Music of Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), Last of the Great Irish Harpers”.




Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

How to Build Psychological Resilience with Plant Based Eating

How resilient we are to life’s challenges will determine the level of our happiness, wellbeing and success (however you choose to define this) and in this talk, Dr Tracie O’Keefe will share the benefits of plant-based eating for building psychological resilience. Tracie is a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapist and counsellor with over 20 years’ experience, as well as a naturopath and author of the Amazon number one best seller Inspiration for Survive and Prosper: Personal Transformation Out of Crisis – a practical self-help title on how to recover from any crisis or trauma fast.



Katrina Fox

How to Use the Media to Spread the Vegan Message

Journalist, author, publisher and media coach Katrina Fox will show you how to come up with ideas to get positive media coverage on vegan living. Katrina has 15 years’ experience as a journalist working on staff and as a freelancer for a range of niche and mainstream publications including The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC’s The Drum and is the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Scavenger online magazine for social change makers (www.thescavenger.net).



Dr Doug Evans DO
Osteoporosis - More Than Just Calcium

Doug has over 30 years of clinical experience as an Osteopath - specializing in nutrition and lifestyle and their application in disease prevention and recovery. He will discuss some of the misconceptions surrounding osteoporosis - including the myth that dairy products prevent it, the role of calcium and how you can not only avoid osteoporosis but also reverse it.


Maz Valcorza

Maz’s passion for food has always been apparent to her friends and family. It was only natural then, that she would trade in her corporate career for a chance to open Sydney’s first cafes specialising in organic, plant-based living foods and wholefoods.

Maz describes herself as an avid yoga, raw food and star wars enthusiast. She first set foot onto a yoga mat at Lila Yoga in 2010, and has carried one with her everywhere she goes ever since.

Raw foods are made from organic wholefoods and are prepared in a multitude of creative ways to produce delicious and nutritious dishes. The food is kept below the temperature at which most enzymes are lost (approximately 40 – 46°C). Raw foods are consumed the way nature intended, without diminishing essential nutrients such as the vitamins, minerals and other proteins that degrade or become destroyed when heated at higher temperatures.

This demonstration will provide an introduction into how to integrate ridiculously tasty and nutritious raw foods into even the busiest lifestyles. We will cover:


Fiona Halar

Debunked:  Top Vegan Nutrition Myths

Fiona Halar is a wholefood nutritionist and plant-based lifestyle advocate whose aim is to inspire others with engaging ideas, perceptive insights and passionate action to create vibrant health, and to live ecologically sustainable and compassionate lives.



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